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"When we first visited D4L we instantly had a great feel for the place. We certainly have not been disappointed, as Thomas has really enjoyed his time there. The staff are so caring and informative; we always know how the day has gone and how Tomas been. He also loves the variety of activities, a lot which he had never experienced before, a top, top place for people to attend with a fantastic family appeal to it."
Why is Design 4 Life unique?
"Nothing seems impossible to the D4L team and it has been so lovely to hear and see Thomas experience things, we’d never dreamed that he would."

"Josh has been using Design 4 Life since Feb 14, he stated of just one day a week and then two days a week while transitioning from school to adult services. He stated full time in August 2014 and has settled in well, he really enjoys his time spent at the centre and gets involved in most activities & mixes with a wide range of different service users."
Why is Design 4 Life unique?
"When he was in hospital recently, the support he received daily was incredible, he has a support worker with him every morning which also meant I could do other things knowing he had someone he knew with him and this is much appreciated.All the staff are friendly and supportive of his needs and flexible to my needs i.e. travelling home times have varied." 

"Lewis has been very happy at Design 4 Life. He participates in lots of activities which enrich his life and stimulate him. When he finished school I was really nervous about the transition to adult care I looked at various places but the minute I walked into Design 4 Life it felt right. Speaking to Teresa I could tell they were all about the service users, where as in other settings it felt less user friendly. I know I can be confident he is well looked after and his needs are met." 
Why is Design 4 Life unique?
"That’s easy to answer, because the go the extra mile and are always there with advice and help should I need it. They have helped me get the extra help and things Lewis needs, and whenever he’s been in hospital they have been of immense help to me and I know they do that for all the carers and service users." 
Lewis’s Mum – Kim Stockwell 

Dear parents/carers,
We would really appreciate testimonials that parents/carers would like to provide with regard to the views of service provided by design for life, if you would like to share your views we would really welcome the feedback and testimonials which would be of value to other parents/carers/service users who may be seeking services.  Please feel free to write whatever “you feel”as this is really important to us. Thank you for your support  kind regards
Teresa Younger 


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